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MetroPets runs exclusively on the steam of our volunteers' time and energy and expertise. We are blessed with wonderfully talented people.
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This month, meet Leslie Oakey, MetroPets Artistic Director

Spike, Catty Spice, and Demetrius
People are surprised when I tell them that I never had pets while growing up. I actually never had much interest until, as an adult, friends introduced me to the joys of catering to cats. I've been enamored of them ever since (though please -- no more cat tchotchkes!). I currently live with 4 bosses: Demetrius, Catty Spice, Miss Bea, and Spike, but as I tell everyone, "There's always the threat of more!"

I first heard about MetroPets when Anne posted a plea for volunteers on the DC Web Women list (I am a web designer in my 9 to 5 life.) My first efforts went into helping organize the Pets in Pearls Fashion Show in October 2001, and I ended up sticking around. Now I provide MetroPets with various print graphics -- seminar flyers, sales table signs, posters, etc.

Miss Bea and Spike

Though I often feel guilty that I'm not doing more hands-on work to help companion animals, I know that what I do does help, in some little way, to accomplish the MetroPets mission.

Note from MetroPets: Leslie has done a phenomenal amount of art and design work for MetroPets - from designing the posters, tickets, postcards, and program for Pets in Pearls, to creating handouts and flyers for all of our educational events, to completely redesigning the MetroPets information table. She's essentially created a "MetroPets look" that is fun, attractive, and professional - and she never runs out of ideas!

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