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MetroPets runs exclusively on the steam of our volunteers' time and energy and expertise. We are blessed with wonderfully talented people.
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This month, meet Nancy Ryan, Software Trainer for the ATAP program !

Nancy and LucyWhy do I volunteer for MetroPets? I suppose it is because I want to ensure that others may have the opportunity to add a wonderful animal to their family and gain as much joy and love as my husband and I have gotten from our dog Lucy Sunshine.

Lucy Sunshine came into our lives through the Internet. It's a little like telling children that a stork delivers babies. But in our case, we really did have Lucy delivered to us through the Web.

If not for PAW's link to dozens of dog photos, Lucy would be somewhere else. Thanks to PAW's efforts, though, she'd probably be with another caring family attracted to her loving face and floppy ears. The caption next to her photo read "Brightens your day" and we knew immediately that we had to make arrangements to meet this adorable puppy.

We waited patiently at the adoption show for Ellen, her foster mom, and Diamond, as she was then called, to show up. A half-hour into the show we saw a little dog that looked just like the one in the photos on the web site. She innocently pranced around the corner in the store, with a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eyes. She was cuter than we could have imagined. Right then and there we knew she was for us, and we decided she had to have the name Lucy Sunshine in honor of her sunny disposition.

SunshineLucy has proven to be the ideal companion. She has the smarts and intensity of her Border Collie breeding, but somewhere in her background must have been some extremely mellow, laid back ancestors, as she is all about relaxing and hanging out. At her first health checkup, our vet surmised that she was part "nice little doggie". I can honestly say that she has changed my life - adding a dimension of love and caring I had never before experienced. Lucy is now four years old. She is enjoying her agility classes, we take her on vacation with us to the beach and we can't imagine our lives without her in it.

Brightens your
ay  - Lucy at adoption show!I currently work as a software instructor for Softek Services, and when I saw a notice on DC Web Women's mailing list that MetroPets needed assistance with their classes teaching animal rescue groups how to create Web pages, I knew I had found my opportunity to ensure that more wonderful animals like Lucy would find homes via the Web. Meeting and working with the staff and volunteers who spend their time ensuring that homeless animals will find loving homes is such an honor. Their dedication is inspiring, and I am proud to be a part of the MetroPets mission.

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