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The Newsroom: Contest: Baby photos

Do you have a pet? Do you have a young child? Then you should participate in our baby photo contest!

All photos will be posted on the MetroPets web site and will be judged by the MetroPets Board of Directors. Please indicate the first names of the baby(ies) and pet(s) in the photos.


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Winner received a free year's membership in MetroPets and a gift basket.

Why a photo contest?

So many people are under the misperception that they shouldn't have pets in the house after babies are born. Here are some myths about children and pets:

My baby can get sick from a pet's saliva.

Cats will steal my baby's breath.

My dog will try to eat my child.

I can't share my love between a child and a pet.

My pet will be jealous.

In fact, the bond that can develop between animals and babies is profound. The human-animal bond that is established at an early age affects a person positively throughout his or her life. It is very important that parents play an active role in supervising all contact between children and animals.

There are some real concerns, and these include:

  • allergies
  • toxoplasmosis (pregnant women can contract this by touching cat excrement)
  • unsupervised play between young children and animals

Please contact your veterinarian, obstetrician, allergist, or animal behaviorist to obtain professional advice on any potential problems.

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