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Acknowledgements to Volunteers

MetroPets Online's activities are powered entirely by volunteers. We wish to acknowledge the following people for their help with MetroPets Online during the year 2003:

Volunteers of the month:

November, 2003: Scott James
October, 2003: Suzanne Myers

August, 2003: Dawn Mancuso

July, 2003: Anne Shroeder

June, 2003: Patti Mugavero

May, 2003: Leslie Oakey

April, 2003: Lynne Bettinger

March, 2003: Dr. Tim Withers

February, 2003: Natalie Medina

January, 2003: Jeanette Davias

December, 2002: Nancy Ryan
November, 2002: Mary Portelly

Special thanks go to:

Rick Clement for the creation of the MetroPets logo and for use of his delightful drawings on this web site

Mark N. Mutterperl, Fulbright & Jaworski
New York, NY for pro bono legal assistance

Local animal shelters and rescue groups who help us in countless ways.

Elizabeth Anderson

Lynne Bettinger
Jennifer Bohn
Pen Brown - Dog Training Consultant
Cynthia Chambers
Jenny Cohan - DC Rescue moderator
Jeanette Davias - Media Relations Coordinator
DC Singles

Nancy Despeaux

Debra Graham
Gabe Goldberg
Marti Handman
Gillian Kirkpatrick
Melissa Klein
Lori Levin
Michael Levy
Nancy Liebhauser

Ginny May
Natalie Medina
Suzanne Meyers
Patti Mugavero - Volunteer Coordinator
Carla Myers - Newsletter Production Manager
Leslie Oakey - Artistic Director
Mary Portelly - Webmaster
Ellyce Ratskoff
Nancy Ryan - Software trainer
Elizabeth Schreiber
Anne Shroeder - Executive Director, Webmaster

Ebony Watts
John White
Dr. Tim Withers - Veterinary Consultant


Web site maintained by Anne Shroeder, Mary Portelly, Jennifer Bohn, Ebony Watts, Elizabeth Anderson, Nancy Despeaux, Debra Graham, Jeanette Davias, Colleen Gratzer.

Have we unintentionally left you out? Please email us to let us know!

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